In the Fight against Cavities, We’re in Your Corner

1 in 5 Americans have Untreated Cavities. Don’t Be One of Them

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we focus on preventive care to keep you happy, healthy and cavity-free. But cavities can happen, even to the best brushers and flossers. We often see cavities with younger patients, but we specialize in treating both kids and adults in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. We clean the affected area and firmly bond the filling to your tooth. Our fillings:

  • Bind directly to your tooth’s structure, actually strengthening your teeth
  • Are made of tooth-colored composite resin that matches your teeth, so your smile stays perfect
  • Contain no harsh metals or mercury, are biocompatible, and are completely safe for anyone with allergies

Stop Tooth Pain Now with a Quick, Painless Cavity Filling

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we’re all about keeping your smile healthy and keeping you comfortable. If your tooth hurts, call us now. We’ll help you see the dentist as soon as possible with same-day appointments and extended office hours. Dr. Bonaventure and his staff will always treat you with compassionate and expert dental care.

See Your Best Smile with Dr. Bonaventure and his Team

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we strive to make our office warm, friendly and inviting. Our caring staff can help children and adults with dental anxiety relax and enjoy their appointments. Bonaventure Dental Care is a judgment-free and lecture-free zone. All we care about is keeping you healthy. Our expertise and advanced cavity-filling techniques give you the confidence to show off your smile.