Invest in Your Health with Bonaventure Dental Care

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we’re all about keeping your smile healthy and keeping you comfortable. Our caring staff makes our office warm, friendly and inviting. We can help kids and adults with dental anxiety feel calm and comfortable during their visit. With our painless procedures and laid-back atmosphere, our goal is for you to enjoy your appointment! We are a lecture and judgment-free zone; all we care about is keeping you on the right path to a healthy smile. At Bonaventure Dental Care, you will:

  • Quickly and painlessly see your best smile
  • Strengthen your teeth and fight cavities with preventive dentistry
  • Get the confidence to show off your bright, white, healthy smile


One Trip to the Dentist Can Keep Your Whole Family Healthy

From braces and bridges to cleanings and cavity prevention, we invest in the life of your smile. With our comprehensive services, you can save yourself a few trips to the dentist and bring everyone here. And you can stop worrying about having to find a specialist for different procedures – if it has anything to do with your teeth, we’ve got you covered.

Find a Family Dentist that Works with Your Schedule

Just like you, we want to get you in and out of the dentist chair as fast as possible. We know you have a million things to do, so let us help you cross “dentist appointment” off your list. We offer same-day appointments and extended office hours so you can fit us in at your convenience. If you have tooth pain that can’t wait, we can also help with emergency dental care. 

Expert, Compassionate, Affordable Care

Our mission is carecreditto keep you healthy while keeping you comfortable. We use the latest equipment and techniques to strengthen and protect your smile. We explain every procedure to you beforehand and let you decide what you’re comfortable with. And because we don’t want anything to stop you from getting your best and brightest smile, we offer Care Credit dental insurance to help with procedure costs. Invest in your dental health and make an appointment today.