Stay out of the Dentist’s Chair with Preventive Care

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we invest in your health. Cultivating good dental habits now will save your time, money and health in the long run. We help you keep those healthy habits by focusing on preventive dental care.

Why Does Preventive Dental Care Work?

  • Make your teeth stronger: Brushing and flossing do a lot to keep your teeth clean, but you need a professional to remove stuck-on plaque, tartar and toxins. Our professional cleaning techniques make it harder for plaque to latch on to your teeth, and our fluoride treatments restore and strengthen your smile.
  • Keep your dental visits and bills low: With regular checkups and cleanings, we can reduce the amount of plaque that builds up on your teeth. We can also detect the warning signs of problems like gingivitis and help you avoid them. Avoid costly dental procedures later with preventive care today.


Give us an Hour, and We’ll Give You a Healthy Smile

We strive to make your trip to the dentist as painless as possible. Bring your whole family to our dentist, and we will take care of cleanings, exams and cavity prevention. We deliver the highest-quality dental care to clean your teeth, evaluate your dental health and help you avoid cavities.

See Your Best Smile with Dr. Bonaventure and his Team

At Bonaventure Dental Care, we strive to make our office warm, friendly and inviting. Our caring staff can help children and adults with dental anxiety relax and enjoy their appointments. Bonaventure Dental Care is a judgment-free and lecture-free zone. All we care about is keeping you healthy. Our expertise and advanced techniques give you the confidence to show off your smile.